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Mistakes not to make

Mistakes not to make when talking about yourself in your CV.

About Me in the CV should earn you points in the eyes of the recruiter, not do you any disservice. There are a few pitfalls to be avoided. Here are the most serious:

Do not indicate a long list of qualifiers not supported by concrete examples: serious, available, motivated, experienced, versatile, beginner, organized …
A bad example: Experienced salesperson, I am serious, mobile and motivated to fulfill the missions entrusted to me.

Conversely, do not apologize for applying. Even if you don’t check all the boxes, there are aspects of your journey that may be of interest to the recruiter. They are the ones you should highlight in the About Me section, not your weaknesses.
A bad example: I saw that you are looking for an experienced salesperson. I don’t have the years of experience required, but maybe my profile will interest you anyway.

Be brief! 5 or 6 lines are sufficient.

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