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Evaluate your job offer

To find out what the recruiter expects from the ideal CV, all you need to do is analyze the posted job posting. It is full of clues that will let you know you are the perfect fit for the job. You still have to know how to decipher an ad. If you are not yet familiar with the practice, here are a few questions that may help you read between the lines and sketch a composite portrait of the desired candidate:

  • What are the qualities required for the position, know-how but also interpersonal skills?
  • What is the profile sought?
  • What can you bring to the business?
  • Is there a special feature in the job offer? For example, a particular knowledge to have: mastery of computer software, a foreign language, a sector of activity.

We recommend that you exercise and ask yourself these questions. For each answer, write down your answers in the draft. With a colored pencil, circle the elements that correspond to your own profile. If you have any, that’s great news for you: you have things to highlight in the About Me section.

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